Sunday, September 12, 2010


So, I survived my first week of school. It's rather difficult to understand everything...and I definitely don't. Belgian school is rather different from my school in the States. Here, I take the bus to school. We start at 8 am and school ends at 4 pm. However, we get an hour for lunch and Wednesday afternoons off. 5th and 6th years are allowed to leave school for lunch or for study hall. As for my classes, the basics are French (5 hours a week), History, Geography, Religion/Morale, and Physical Education. I'm also taking Drawing, Infographie, Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (each science is only one hour a week), and German, as well as some Audiovisual classes, but I'm going to drop the AV classes and take an additional French class. I'm also dropping German, since I'm in a 6th year course right now. I might take a first-year course if I can fit it into my schedule. I started school on Monday and went out for lunch. So far I've eaten at five different places...Monday I went to a sandwich shop with some girls from my class, Tuesday I went to Le Patton with Flo, Wednesday I ate at home, Thursday in the cafeteria at school, and Friday in the Salle de Rhéto. I'll post pictures next time, but my computer is not cooperating right now.
Anyway, school is all right. Athenee Royal d'Arlon is about the same size as my school in the States...about 100 students per class. On Monday, I was mostly just lost. I didn't understand the language, the layout of the school, and I only knew seven people. Tuesday was the hardest day. That was the day my school started in the States, so I missed my friends a lot. Plus, I had four hours of Production, which I realized I'm not a huge fan of and don't understand. The rest of the week passed normally...I understood fragments of lessons, except in German class, where I understood nothing. On Friday, I had two hours of Physical Education. For the two-hour classes, we walk to another school that has a track. I think this school year will be pretty good, and I'm sure my language will improve.

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