Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Away From Home

Is it weird that it doesn't feel weird to be living in a different country? Living with my host family feels like home. I think school is going to be strange, though. I have never been the new student in a school, but at least both my sisters will be there too. I went to visit the school on Tuesday, and I found out that there is another AFS student there! She is from Spain, and she isn't in the same year (she's in the 5th year and I'm in the 6th, or last, year), but it's nice to know I'm not the only student who doesn't completely understand the language. At school, I'll be taking 'education artistique' -which is great for me. And seniors at my school actually get senior privileges! We have a special study hall that only 6th years are allowed into (and that means no teachers as well) and we are the only ones allowed into the garden. It's quite different from OFA. On Tuesday evening, I went to the track-and-field club with Michel, Florence, and Victoria. I tried the javelin, but I decided that I'm going to stick with mid-distance running. I haven't been as busy as I usually am in the States, but on Wednesday Florence and I rode our bicycles to a nearby village where Flo went to primary school and on Thursday we went back to the athletic club. I'm taking advantage of this time before school starts to get used to everything- the house, the village, the goats that live next door, and, most of all, ma nouvelle famille, which I love already.

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