Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Two?

I've been trying to avoid counting down, but it's apparently inevitable.

Two months.

That's what I have left- two months in the European life I've been dreaming of all through high school. It's a vicious ultimatum. I usually try to think "I still have two months" instead of "I only have two months," but it's difficult not to know when I can come back, and even harder to know that Belgium will never be the same again.

I think I'm going to try to spare your eyes and cut off here. Instead, I'm going to talk about hope.

Hope, because I can remember the last time I had two months before a departure. Rewind to June 2010. I was a junior in high school, suffering a bad case of senioritis. I had been accepted into the AFS program in Francophone Belgium and I had basic information on my host family. I was ready to be finished with Ogdensburg Free Academy, to leave, and to learn. I imagined that the days went slowly as I roamed the streets of Ogdensburg in the moonlight, humming to myself and wondering how bright the stars would be in Beckerich. Preparing myself to leave then was easier - I knew that I would be back in less than a year. But I remember the anticipation, the excitement, and I am so excited for those of you who are experiencing that right now. So let your days go as they will. Relish this anticipation, for it will be well answered!

And now I should go. There's a particularly beautiful springtime from which I need to profit.

I love my beautiful Beckerich.

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