Monday, March 7, 2011

Kitchen Time.

As my life has been a little crazy of late, I decided to take some time to myself. So, Friday night, I turned down an invitation to a birthday party (I didn't even know the kid, anyway) and opted out of seeing a movie with my host mom and sister, and headed off to the nearby Pall Center to buy ingredients for something very American...Original Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies.

We had about half of the ingredients, so I just bought butter, sugar, brown sugar, and chocolate. I have never seen chocolate chips here, so I got a 400g box of Côte d'Or semisweet chocolate instead.

Then, I took the bus back home, briefly checked my email (and found out I got into Nazareth College with quite a good scholarship), put on my apron, and got to work.

Martha Stewart, much?

It was wonderfully familiar to be in the's something I do far too rarely here. So I savored it, taking time to taste the mixture of melted butter, sugar, brown sugar, and vanilla extract before mixing in the dry ingredients. And then, it was time for the chocolate. I started out with two of these:

Broke the bars into pieces...

...and entertained myself by chopping them into pieces small enough to be considered "chips."

Then, of course, mixed it into the batter. At this point, my host mother came in and told me that "Ça a l'air d'être bon."

Since we don't have normal baking sheets, I took out the liner from the oven, washed it, and then used parchment paper. It worked out perfectly... did the cookies. And oh, did the house smell great.

I need to cook more.

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