Saturday, July 10, 2010

Take That, Sarah Palin

Two days ago, I finally found out exactly when I will be leaving the US. I have to go to New York City for a one day orientation on August 18th, then I will fly to Brussels on the 19th and get there the next morning. I can bring a carry-on bag and one suitcase that can weigh 44 pounds. That's right. 44 pounds for one full year abroad. Good thing I'm a Girl Scout...I've learned to travel light. When I get to Brussels, I have another orientation that will last a couple of days, and then I get to meet my host family! Although I am part of the AFS program for French-speaking Belgium, my family lives in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. So, I will live in Luxembourg and go to school in Belgium. And, like I can practically see Canada from my house now, I will be able to say "I can see Belgium from my house!" Take that, Sarah Palin.
Also two days ago, I went to school to talk to my guidance counselor so I could get credit for the classes I take abroad. This way, I can graduate with my class in 2011...even though I won't actually be in the country for the ceremony.
And today, I received the information I need to procure my visa! I have been waiting for about two months for this information, so I immediately went to the website to download the required documents...and it didn't work. My computer, for reasons best known to itself, could not open the files. So I emailed AFS and I will hopefully get those documents soon. If I don't have my visa, I can't leave. On the bright side, my parents bought me a new raincoat from L.L. Bean, one that is super light and can be packed into very small spaces. Apparently it rains a lot in Belgium, so it should help while not taking up to much room in my suitcase :)

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